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A few months ago, I was hired to photograph a wedding in Germany, in the little town called Dossenheim. No need to tell you how much happiness and excitement I felt when Alicia & Christopher decided to choose me to document the happiest day of their life. They are happy, smiling all the time and very entertaining, and honest – I did not expect for my first wedding in Germany to have newlyweds that you can only wish for.

Their wedding was held on 18. October 2014. and in addition to a wedding, they’re little and sweet daughter Filomena had her baptized. This was the wedding full of wonderful emotions and beautiful moments, which you will be able to see in the photographs that I posted.

I wish that I could write down and distinguish you about all the beautiful moments and emotions that surrounded me on this day, but I will entrust you with my photographs, they will tell you story about love and happiness much better!

To Chris, Alicia and little Filomena, I wish happiness, health, and to stay happy. To be cheerful and with the same smile as they had on their wedding day!

P.S. Besides wonderful day and beautiful moments, I have to mention the great party they arranged for their guests. I managed to extract only a few photographs from that part, but I hope that you will feel the energy and how good it was trough them, because to really feel that, you should be there.

Venue: Der Scheuerboden – Jäck Schriesheim Familie
Wedding planner: Blumenfeier // WEB FB

Alicia_&_Christopher1_01 Alicia_&_Christopher1_02 Alicia_&_Christopher1_03 Alicia_&_Christopher1_04 Alicia_&_Christopher1_05 Alicia_&_Christopher1_06 Alicia_&_Christopher1_07 Alicia_&_Christopher1_08 Alicia_&_Christopher1_09 Alicia_&_Christopher1_10 Alicia_&_Christopher1_11 Alicia_&_Christopher1_12 Alicia_&_Christopher1_13 Alicia_&_Christopher1_14 Alicia_&_Christopher1_15 Alicia_&_Christopher1_16 Alicia_&_Christopher1_17 Alicia_&_Christopher1_18 Alicia_&_Christopher2_01 Alicia_&_Christopher2_02 Alicia_&_Christopher2_03 Alicia_&_Christopher2_04 Alicia_&_Christopher2_05 Alicia_&_Christopher2_06 Alicia_&_Christopher2_07 Alicia_&_Christopher2_08 Alicia_&_Christopher2_09 Alicia_&_Christopher2_10 Alicia_&_Christopher2_11 Alicia_&_Christopher2_12 Alicia_&_Christopher2_13 Alicia_&_Christopher2_14 Alicia_&_Christopher2_15 Alicia_&_Christopher2_16 Alicia_&_Christopher2_17 Alicia_&_Christopher2_18 Alicia_&_Christopher2_19 Alicia_&_Christopher3_01 Alicia_&_Christopher3_02 Alicia_&_Christopher3_03 Alicia_&_Christopher3_04 Alicia_&_Christopher3_05

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9 responses to “Alicia & Christopher”

  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful !!!

  2. Milica says:

    Pratim tvoj rad Dejane vec duze vreme i svaki put jedva cekam da objavis novo vjencanje i uvijek me odusevis! SVAKA CAST!

  3. sanela says:

    predivne fotografije!

  4. Andreja says:

    Odlično! Fenomenalno! Svaka čast.
    Ne spadam u kmezavice, ali su mi oči zasuzile na ove fotke.

  5. Souad says:

    Congratulations Christopher, congratulations Alica . You look happy; both of you, I am really happy for you
    You’ve got a very cute daugther. Really you make such a nice couple.
    I wish you all the best.
    Much l❤️ve from you aunt Souad

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