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I believe we all experienced a power of first love where everything around you is beautiful, where the world exists only for you two and where your love has no boundaries. But the real thing is when you feel the love every day growing more and more, when you breathe for that person you chose and live your relationship like it’s your first and a last time. These two people live it like that.

On a beautiful sunny day, 6th of June 2015, they decided to crown their love with marriage. An intimate wedding ceremony was held in monastery Gomionica where Maja and Dražen promised to love each other in front of their families and God.

I photographed them in nature around the monastery which was so enchanting even it was an excessively hot day. A forest we found nearby made a perfect shade for shooting and their love, bathed in sunlight, came to the fore. After it, we went to a bar-restaurant “Mala Stanica” where I take some additional photos of this loving couple.

The wedding reception was held at “Lukas” wedding venue where the newlyweds enjoyed dancing with guests constantly showing love to one another.

I wish them all the best in their future, especially to stay in love forever as they are now.

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3 responses to “Maja & Dražen”

  1. Sandra says:

    Fenomenalne slike! Cestitke Drazenu i Maji!!!

  2. memo says:

    Dobar, dobar jarane 🙂

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