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Everything started in November 2014, with one look at someone’s almost children’s impatience and excitement while opening a gift. I wanted to bring out the same emotions when giving the photos to my newlyweds.

The idea came by itself. I immediately imagined a gift box, handmade wooden USB-stick, nicely tied ribbon… By the time all details came to it’s place. Texts for decorating the boxes, stamps, finding a wood, design of USB-stick to be unique… I put days and days, months and months in it, but at the end it was all worth every complication, every imperfection to make something I made with love.

First time when I saw my newlyweds opening the box, reading a note where I write everything I want to thank them for and everything I wish them for, when I saw tears in their eyes, I knew I made it right. I am happy because they see love and effort I put in it.

All this wouldn’t be like it is without a help of people that are always by my side. I would like to thank my neighbor who owns shop “Svjetlost radionica” where USB-sticks come alive, my “wood” friend who purchased me the best wood, my other friends who helped me in making USB-sticks.

Open with love the handmade box where your dearest MOMENTS are saved for lifetime! <3

package-of-love-1 package-of-love-2 package-of-love-3 package-of-love-4package-of-love-5package-of-love-6 package-of-love-7 package-of-love-8 package-of-love-9 package-of-love-10 package-of-love-11 package-of-love-12 package-of-love-13 package-of-love-14package-of-love-15

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