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A sun shone second summer Saturday, another hot day arrived, presence of love in the air made every breath filled with the adrenaline, I found myself face to face with my camera knowing it’s time again to save the moments I live for.

After taking photos of  bride and groom’s getting ready we went to a restaurant Philippe where we took some additional photos. I couldn’t resist neither beautiful light in the park Mladen Stojanovic and there we made one of my dearest photo from this wedding.

It’s always pleasure to photograph a couple which long-term relationship ends in marriage. You can see it in their eyes – trust and strong but calm love they feel one for another.

The wedding ceremony and reception was held in hotel Bosna where the newlyweds promised eternal love and celebrate it with their family and friends.

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4 responses to “Valentina & Srđan”

  1. Milijana says:

    Cestitke mladencima! Valentina prelijepa si!

  2. Brana says:

    savrsenoooooo!!! cestitke mladencima i fotografu!!!

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