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I believe that every couple have their own love story. Some of them are usual, some almost faithful, some boring and some interesting. This one will blow your mind.

A year 2003. It all begins with unimportant summer encounter where two of them just met each other. It stayed on that. Few greeting from a mutual friend now and then and that was it.

But that memory of summer holiday never faded. It was actually growing by years until they decided to contact one another. He was working on the ship. And when a man is in love, he will do anything to come to her heart. Imagine a man, working and visiting tons of countries and sending a postcard from each to her, that beautiful young lady he was thinking of miles and miles away from home.

After a long work trip they wanted to see each other. Because they knew it would never be the same if they ever meet again. That’s how their love happened.

And know, imagine my gratitude and happiness for being in their story to witnesses and save moments of their big day, the day where all the love was crowned with marriage and unbreakable connection.

Wedding of this happily in love people happened on July 12th, 2015 in Sarajevo. It was fulfilled with so many beautiful and interesting moments, with some of the Serbian traditions and the most important of all, with the happiest people and newlyweds I ever met.

Wedding cake represented their love for traveling, their smiles showed their happiness and the love they gave to every single guest they had on their wedding party showed their care for people they have in their lives.

To Dijana and Miljan I wish all the best and to stay happy as they are now.

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3 responses to “Dijana & Miljan”

  1. Milijana says:

    Jaoooooooo predivnoooo! Cestitkeeee!!!!! Odlicne fotografije!!!

  2. nevena says:

    Sve pohvale za jako srecne mladence i odlicnog fotografa!

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