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This story started a long before preparations for their wedding day. Actually, it all began with ask to photograph her with her favorite singer at his concert and with sentence she told me when I sent her a photograph – “You’ll be my wedding photographer”.

Four years after I received a call. It was her! It was her asking me to be her wedding photographer at her dream wedding!

But this isn’t story about me, it’s story about them.

They met as teenagers with free spirit and even freer lives. Even they liked each other at the start, they just became friends. But one day Dragan decided to call her on proper date she wasn’t thinking it’s a date. The day after he sent her a message complaining about his girlfriend didn’t even ask him for a health. That was a time she realized he sees her as his girlfriend.

After first ‘just friends’ stage, life gave them another difficulty – going the distance. Four years they cried every goodbye, but their love survived.

Finally, he proposed her with background song of her favorite singer.

On July, 18th Tanja and Dragan said “Yes” in the beautiful backyard of her cottage near the river. Every detail was at it’s place. And even summer heat was almost unbearable, two of them smiled all the time.

Reception was held at hotel “Prijedor” in Prijedor where newlyweds shared their happiness of that special day with seven hundred guests. Bride’s sister made her surprise alongside with kids from kindergarten where Tanja works.

Al in all, this wedding was fulfilled with emotions, tears of joy, happiness and love. Let them all these things follow through life!

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3 responses to “Tanja & Dragan”

  1. Mirjana says:

    Bila sam na ovom vjencanju i bilo je predivno, ove fotografije to i pokazuju. Cestitke mojoj Tanjici i Gagiju.

  2. Lenka says:

    Ne znam ljude, al isplakah se ko idiot pri kraju 🙂
    Svaka cast! divne emocije…divne uspomene.. <3

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