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Don’t believe when they tell you that you’ll know at first sight if you met a love of your life. Sometimes it’s all about the process where your heart needs time to figure out it’s fulfilled with love for that person.

When Marie and Mijat met, none of them felt a connection. But something kept them in each others lives and they started dating, still thinking it’s not some serious relationship.

After spending some time together, they knew it’s something bigger. And when they felt the best connection, distance came to test their love. She went to Austria and he moved to Zagreb from Bugojno. Long six years of their love were kept on roads of Europe, later even to Mostar where Mijat went from Zagreb.

And that was a time where they lost their strength, where fighting distance seemed impossible so they almost broke up. Almost. Their love made them stronger than ever until a unique proposal in the park where they used to walk every time when they were in Bugojno.

They married on 26th July 2015 in Bugojno, where they gave each other a promise of taking care for one another every day of their lives.

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3 responses to “Marie & Mijat”

  1. mare says:

    Pogledala sam ovo vjencanje i jutros i sad, savrseno je! Dejane svaka cast! Dodje mi da se opet udam 🙂

  2. Love your pictures and your style of wedding photography!
    ValPhotography – Hochzeitsfotograf Wien

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