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New year, new dress, new relations, new loves… And a new boy in town!

Accidental encounter in a New Year’s Eve led to an eternal love between Nikolina and Mladen. She just came by to wish a very happy New Year to her friend and then she saw this cute guy. Everything started with one look. That one look has grown to tonnes others.

As he worked in Switzerland, he used to come every now and then to see the beautiful girl he met. Life became better with her by his side. Since then she became his one and only he needs to take care of every single moment.

They married 31st of July in Prozor/Rama where they promised each other a love for the whole life. We made a lot of photographs at beautiful Rama lake where every inch of nature was perfect for showing love between Nikolina and Mladen.

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One response to “Nikolina & Mladen”

  1. sladja says:

    Ja sam svog fotografa za vjencanja pronasla!!!! Cestitke mojim prijateljima <3

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