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Andjelina worked in a company as a project designer when Aleksandar walked into her office and started working with her. They didn’t hang out a lot, it was only work making them close to one another. But not long after it, Andjelina changed job. And even if it looked like the friendship is ending, Aleksandar invited her to barbecue at his cottage with some other friends. Suddenly, these two became good friends who spent a lot of time together. One year and six months were enough to change their feelings and to let them step into world named relationship. As they both are architects, they started with joint projects because they found out how their ideas are complemented and how they are an awesome creative team.

After projecting their own home, there was just one thing left for this couple to make perfect, the project where their job will never end, where the love they feel will print the walls of their happiness with colors of their smiles and beautiful events, the project named – life.

They started it on August, 8th 2015, with their beautiful wedding day held in Aquana in Banja Luka. Adventurous as they are, even that day needs some challenges, so we went at “Banj brdo” resort, the best-known resort of Banja Luka. We went for a long walk uphill, through the woods, visiting atelier and gallery of the painter there and making beautiful photographs for their wedding day. After almost two hours into woods, it was time for church wedding ceremony and celebration.

And when wedding day was about to an end, it was written on their faces that their love is something that will last forever.

Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_1 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_2 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_3 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_4 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_5 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_6 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_7 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_8 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_9 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_10 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_11 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_12 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_13 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_14Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_15aAndjelina_&_Aleksandar_16 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_17 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_18 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_19 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_20 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_21 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_22 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_23 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_24 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_25 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_26 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_027 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_28Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_0274Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_30 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_31 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_32 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_33 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_34 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_34b Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_35 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_36 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_37 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_38 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_39 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_40 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_41 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_42 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_44 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_45 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_46 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_46b Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_47 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_48 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_49 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_50 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_52 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_53 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_53b Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_54Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_0957 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_55 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_55a Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_56 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_56aAndjelina_&_Aleksandar_1054-mAndjelina_&_Aleksandar_57 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_58 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_60 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_61 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_62 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_63 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_64 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_65 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_66 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_67 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_68 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_69 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_70 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_71 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_72 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_73 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_74 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_75 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_76 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_77 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_78 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_79 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_80 Andjelina_&_Aleksandar_81

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2 responses to “Anđelina & Aleksandar”

  1. Imène says:

    God!!! Angy, Angel! No Words to express my happiness for you, for your happiness. I don’t Know Aleksander but i’m sure he’s a great person just like you. In every corner of your little house, we can apreciate love, dedication and illusion. We couldn’t attend your Day but i want you to Know that we’ ve been thinking about you all the time and Wishing to see you and hug you for all the years that we didn’t see each other. Hope to see all the fruits that can produce this magnificient union, any fruit could just be marvellous. Go ahead! Kisses and huggs. Your goluptichi.

  2. Love your pictures and your style of wedding photography!
    ValPhotography – Hochzeitsfotograf Wien

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