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They didn’t know anything about each other, they didn’t have many common friends nor common places they like to go, but now they have everything in common.

Scrolling over Facebook, Ajdin saw a beautiful girl on the photo of their common friend and sent her friend request. It was Eldina on that photograph. She was that normal kind of girl who just do not accept friend requests of people she doesn’t know, but something was stronger than her principles and she accepted it. One night, he messaged her and since then, they have been writing every evening. Eldina’s friends teased her for going home every night just to chat with her mysterious guy from Sarajevo. At that time, she was in Bugojno on summer vacation waiting days to come so she can turn back to Sarajevo and meet Ajdin.

But he was impatient. He went all the way trough from Sarajevo to Bugojno just to finally meet Eldina. Beautiful Eldina came in the white summer dress acting cool and relaxed, but she was so excited and scared. But that was the day they will never forget. After their first date, he told her he didn’t need more time to know he wants to see her again. When she came to Sarajevo, he didn’t even let her unpack herself but went to see her. Radio presenter she used to listen whenever it was possible was finally beside her. And this is just one part of their fairy tale story.

The most important day of their life came, August, 29th. It was the day to remember. Everybody was so emotional. When Ajdin saw her, his eyes shone and his smile was telling to everybody that he’s the happiest man in the world. Their wedding reception was held in hotel Holiday Inn where another special moment happened. When Eldina showed in the another wedding gown in front of her father spinning like a little girl, the only thing left to do was to let tears.

It was a moment when her childhood and touching moment with her father went through their memories while enjoying at the same time in this moment where daddy’s little girl became a grown up princess married to a prince she always dreamed about. It was obvious in every look how Eldina is a princess in the eyes of the both most important men in her life, her father and her future husband.

They resume writing their story on honeymoon in Maldives, living the life bonded together with love and care.

Eldina_&_Ajdin_1 Eldina_&_Ajdin_2 Eldina_&_Ajdin_3 Eldina_&_Ajdin_4 Eldina_&_Ajdin_5 Eldina_&_Ajdin_6 Eldina_&_Ajdin_7Eldina_&_Ajdin_8 Eldina_&_Ajdin_9Eldina_&_Ajdin_11 Eldina_&_Ajdin_12 Eldina_&_Ajdin_13 Eldina_&_Ajdin_14 Eldina_&_Ajdin_15 Eldina_&_Ajdin_16 Eldina_&_Ajdin_17 Eldina_&_Ajdin_18 Eldina_&_Ajdin_19 Eldina_&_Ajdin_20 Eldina_&_Ajdin_21 Eldina_&_Ajdin_22 Eldina_&_Ajdin_23 Eldina_&_Ajdin_24 Eldina_&_Ajdin_25 Eldina_&_Ajdin_26 Eldina_&_Ajdin_27 Eldina_&_Ajdin_28 Eldina_&_Ajdin_29 Eldina_&_Ajdin_30 Eldina_&_Ajdin_031 Eldina_&_Ajdin_32 Eldina_&_Ajdin_33 Eldina_&_Ajdin_34 Eldina_&_Ajdin_35 Eldina_&_Ajdin_36 Eldina_&_Ajdin_37 Eldina_&_Ajdin_38 Eldina_&_Ajdin_39 Eldina_&_Ajdin_40 Eldina_&_Ajdin_41 Eldina_&_Ajdin_42 Eldina_&_Ajdin_43 Eldina_&_Ajdin_44 Eldina_&_Ajdin_45 Eldina_&_Ajdin_46 Eldina_&_Ajdin_47 Eldina_&_Ajdin_48 Eldina_&_Ajdin_49 Eldina_&_Ajdin_50 Eldina_&_Ajdin_51 Eldina_&_Ajdin_52 Eldina_&_Ajdin_53 Eldina_&_Ajdin_54 Eldina_&_Ajdin_55 Eldina_&_Ajdin_56 Eldina_&_Ajdin_57 Eldina_&_Ajdin_58 Eldina_&_Ajdin_59 Eldina_&_Ajdin_60 Eldina_&_Ajdin_61 Eldina_&_Ajdin_62 Eldina_&_Ajdin_63 Eldina_&_Ajdin_64 Eldina_&_Ajdin_65 Eldina_&_Ajdin_66 Eldina_&_Ajdin_67 Eldina_&_Ajdin_68 Eldina_&_Ajdin_69 Eldina_&_Ajdin_70 Eldina_&_Ajdin_71 Eldina_&_Ajdin_72 Eldina_&_Ajdin_73 Eldina_&_Ajdin_74 Eldina_&_Ajdin_75 Eldina_&_Ajdin_76 Eldina_&_Ajdin_77 Eldina_&_Ajdin_78 Eldina_&_Ajdin_79 Eldina_&_Ajdin_80 Eldina_&_Ajdin_81 Eldina_&_Ajdin_82 Eldina_&_Ajdin_83 Eldina_&_Ajdin_84 Eldina_&_Ajdin_85

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  1. Esada says:

    Predivna prica i predivne fotografije. Svaki put se odusevim tvojim slikama!

  2. sladja says:

    nestvarno i predivno!!!!!

  3. Love your pictures and your style of wedding photography!

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