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Listening to all the love stories from my newlyweds I found out one thing – love is everywhere. No matter where you go, no matter what you are searching for, it will follow and grow at any place. Marijana and Wolfgang found each other on the adorable way guided by other life decisions.

Marijana decided to find a job. After two unsuccessful days of calling different companies to ask for the job, the third day she called one copy shop near her home and woman that answered gave her the job. The woman that gave Marijana the job was Wolfgang’s mother.

The next day Marijana went to a job interview where she saw a surname “Kanduth”. She had not even guessed that her fate is sealed.

After two months of working in Wolfgang’s company, one lady came for a help. As Marijana didn’t know exactly how to help her, she asked Wolfgang, who was working next to her, for help. The moment when he bent over her and put his hands on her keyboard, she fell in love with his beautiful hands.

It was a day when everyone celebrated Wolfgang’s father’s birthday in the company with employees. When they were started to eat, everyone found out that there was no place for Marijana, so Wolfgang’s mother offered to share a chair to which Wolfgang’s grandmother replied how Marijana is already sitting next to her mother in law. Marijana bearly knew Wolfgang and felt very uncomfortable but everyone else smiled. After the celebration Wolfgang and his best friend set of to the party and Wolfgang called Marijana to go with them. After a lot of second thoughts, she accepted the invite. That was the night when two of them became a couple.

Marijana and Wolfgang married on September, 25th 2015 in Villach, Austria. They had a very beautiful wedding ceremony on the ship at the Ossiach lake, after which they married in the Ossiach Collegiate Church. The reception was held in the 600 years old Burg Landskron castle where they shared all the happiness with their guests.

It was a wedding to remember by their love and its amazing details that made everything looks like a fairytale.

Marijana_&_Wolfgang_01Marijana_&_Wolfgang_0026 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_02 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_03 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_04 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_05 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_06 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_07 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_08 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_09 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_11 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_13 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_14 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_15 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_16 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_17 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_18 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_19 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_20 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_21 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_22 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_23 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_24 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_25 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_26 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_27 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_28 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_29 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_30 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_31 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_32 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_33 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_34 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_35 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_36 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_37 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_38 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_39 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_40 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_41 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_42 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_43Marijana_&_Wolfgang_0549 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_44Marijana_&_Wolfgang_0547 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_45Marijana_&_Wolfgang_0597 copy Marijana_&_Wolfgang_46 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_47 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_48 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_49 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_50Marijana_&_Wolfgang_0560 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_51 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_52 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_53 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_54 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_55 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_56 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_57 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_58 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_59 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_60 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_61 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_62 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_63 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_64 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_65Marijana_&_Wolfgang_1028 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_66 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_67 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_68 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_69 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_70 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_71 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_72Marijana_&_Wolfgang_1352Marijana_&_Wolfgang_73 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_74 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_75 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_76 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_77 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_78 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_79 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_80 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_81 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_82 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_83 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_84 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_85 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_86 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_87Marijana_&_Wolfgang_1608 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_88 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_89 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_90 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_91 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_92 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_93Marijana_&_Wolfgang_1738Marijana_&_Wolfgang_1790 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_94 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_95 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_96 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_97 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_98 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_99 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_100 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_101 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_102 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_103 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_104 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_105 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_106 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_107 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_108 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_109Marijana_&_Wolfgang_2264 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_110 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_111 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_112 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_113 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_114 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_115 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_116 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_117 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_118 Marijana_&_Wolfgang_119

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  1. marija says:

    Predivno!!! Cestitke mladencima!

  2. Sandra says:

    Predivne fotografije, lokacija, mladenci!!!

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