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It’s the poker face you can keep while playing the game but in love, it’s something you can’t fake.

A chemistry between Matea and Robert started one night at their friend’s home while playing the poker. She’s got the look and he had such a beautiful smile she couldn’t resist. Since then, their lives became one. They lived a student life at Split spending time together and growing their love. It was all good until Robert decided to quit studying and he moved at his home to Bosnia. It was the time when love between them was tempted, but they survived the distance.

The love story of Matea and Robert gets one of the most beautiful days at September, 5th, 2015 in Ethno village “Cardaci” where they organized a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception. The weather was so amazing because both Autumn and Spring toggled that day which was so perfect for photography.

Today, almost 4 months since their wedding day, their wish for living in Munich came true. But life gave them something, even more, important and, even more, beautiful. Matea is 4 months pregnant. And that’s their life in brief, so there is only one more thing to write here. Everything that is left is to wish them to write so much more beautiful stories of their life together.

Matea_&_Robert_01 Matea_&_Robert_02 Matea_&_Robert_03 Matea_&_Robert_04 Matea_&_Robert_05 Matea_&_Robert_06 Matea_&_Robert_07 Matea_&_Robert_08 Matea_&_Robert_09 Matea_&_Robert_10 Matea_&_Robert_0084Matea_&_Robert_12 Matea_&_Robert_13 Matea_&_Robert_14 Matea_&_Robert_15 Matea_&_Robert_16 Matea_&_Robert_17 Matea_&_Robert_18 Matea_&_Robert_19 Matea_&_Robert_20 Matea_&_Robert_21 Matea_&_Robert_22 Matea_&_Robert_23 Matea_&_Robert_24 Matea_&_Robert_25 Matea_&_Robert_26 Matea_&_Robert_27 Matea_&_Robert_28 Matea_&_Robert_29 Matea_&_Robert_30 Matea_&_Robert_31 Matea_&_Robert_32 Matea_&_Robert_33 Matea_&_Robert_34 Matea_&_Robert_35 Matea_&_Robert_36 Matea_&_Robert_37 Matea_&_Robert_38 Matea_&_Robert_39 Matea_&_Robert_40 Matea_&_Robert_41 Matea_&_Robert_42 Matea_&_Robert_44 Matea_&_Robert_45 Matea_&_Robert_46 Matea_&_Robert_47 Matea_&_Robert_48 Matea_&_Robert_49 Matea_&_Robert_50 Matea_&_Robert_51 Matea_&_Robert_52 Matea_&_Robert_53 Matea_&_Robert_54 Matea_&_Robert_55 Matea_&_Robert_56 Matea_&_Robert_57 Matea_&_Robert_58 Matea_&_Robert_59 Matea_&_Robert_60 Matea_&_Robert_61 Matea_&_Robert_62 Matea_&_Robert_63 Matea_&_Robert_64 Matea_&_Robert_65 Matea_&_Robert_66 Matea_&_Robert_67 Matea_&_Robert_68 Matea_&_Robert_69 Matea_&_Robert_70 Matea_&_Robert_71 Matea_&_Robert_72 Matea_&_Robert_73 Matea_&_Robert_74 Matea_&_Robert_75 Matea_&_Robert_76 Matea_&_Robert_77 Matea_&_Robert_78 Matea_&_Robert_79 Matea_&_Robert_80 Matea_&_Robert_81 Matea_&_Robert_82 Matea_&_Robert_83 Matea_&_Robert_84 Matea_&_Robert_85 Matea_&_Robert_86 Matea_&_Robert_87 Matea_&_Robert_88 Matea_&_Robert_89 Matea_&_Robert_90 Matea_&_Robert_91 Matea_&_Robert_92 Matea_&_Robert_93 Matea_&_Robert_94 Matea_&_Robert_95 Matea_&_Robert_96 Matea_&_Robert_97 Matea_&_Robert_98 Matea_&_Robert_99 Matea_&_Robert_100 Matea_&_Robert_101

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3 responses to “Matea & Robert”

  1. sladja says:

    skromno i mnogo lijepa prica i fotografije!

  2. Love your pictures and your style of wedding photography!

  3. Predivne slike! Odlicne ideje i detalje!

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