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Cruelness should be with goodness torn, angriness with kindness, selfishness with generosity, lay with truth. It’s a success to live a pure life, to be in calm spirit, to do everything perfect. Like a moon to show up behind clouds and to glow. It’s known how pleasant is to be around a man of peaceful and noble soul. Those, while not speaking, teaching constantly eternal law of love. That peace is blessing to the world. That glow worms stuffed and sorrow hearts.

So as their love wormed up that rainy 10th of October and all friends that were there to share their happiness and joy of their love. Without much of effort, without much of long term and detail planning, without much of formality, love and peace in hearts and soul were more than enough to neglect rainy clouds and truly be happy, to celebrate a day of their love to the fullest.

That day was a perfect crown of what has been started few years back on their day 11.01.2011 and it started on a same way, quiet, gentle and with one look full of love, full of feeling that they have must been together once. That day will always be something that will come back to them and shine upon them, that will bring smiles on their faces once when clouds of life bring shadows and rain because some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.

Romana_&_Slobodan_01 Romana_&_Slobodan_02 Romana_&_Slobodan_03 Romana_&_Slobodan_04 Romana_&_Slobodan_05 Romana_&_Slobodan_06 Romana_&_Slobodan_07 Romana_&_Slobodan_08 Romana_&_Slobodan_09 Romana_&_Slobodan_12 Romana_&_Slobodan_13 Romana_&_Slobodan_14 Romana_&_Slobodan_15 Romana_&_Slobodan_16 Romana_&_Slobodan_17 Romana_&_Slobodan_18 Romana_&_Slobodan_19 Romana_&_Slobodan_20 Romana_&_Slobodan_21 Romana_&_Slobodan_22 Romana_&_Slobodan_23 Romana_&_Slobodan_24 Romana_&_Slobodan_25 Romana_&_Slobodan_26 Romana_&_Slobodan_27 Romana_&_Slobodan_28 Romana_&_Slobodan_29 Romana_&_Slobodan_30 Romana_&_Slobodan_31 Romana_&_Slobodan_32 Romana_&_Slobodan_33 Romana_&_Slobodan_34 Romana_&_Slobodan_35 Romana_&_Slobodan_37 Romana_&_Slobodan_38 Romana_&_Slobodan_39 Romana_&_Slobodan_40 Romana_&_Slobodan_41 Romana_&_Slobodan_42 Romana_&_Slobodan_43 Romana_&_Slobodan_44 Romana_&_Slobodan_45 Romana_&_Slobodan_46 Romana_&_Slobodan_47 Romana_&_Slobodan_48 Romana_&_Slobodan_49 Romana_&_Slobodan_50Romana_&_Slobodan_0643 Romana_&_Slobodan_0655 Romana_&_Slobodan_0706 Romana_&_Slobodan_0714 Romana_&_Slobodan_0720 Romana_&_Slobodan_0750 Romana_&_Slobodan_0754 Romana_&_Slobodan_0790 Romana_&_Slobodan_51 Romana_&_Slobodan_52 Romana_&_Slobodan_53 Romana_&_Slobodan_54 Romana_&_Slobodan_55 Romana_&_Slobodan_56 Romana_&_Slobodan_57 Romana_&_Slobodan_58 Romana_&_Slobodan_59 Romana_&_Slobodan_60 Romana_&_Slobodan_61 Romana_&_Slobodan_62 Romana_&_Slobodan_63 Romana_&_Slobodan_64 Romana_&_Slobodan_65 Romana_&_Slobodan_66 Romana_&_Slobodan_67 Romana_&_Slobodan_68 Romana_&_Slobodan_70 Romana_&_Slobodan_71 Romana_&_Slobodan_72 Romana_&_Slobodan_73 Romana_&_Slobodan_74 Romana_&_Slobodan_75 Romana_&_Slobodan_76 Romana_&_Slobodan_77 Romana_&_Slobodan_78 Romana_&_Slobodan_79 Romana_&_Slobodan_80 Romana_&_Slobodan_81 Romana_&_Slobodan_82 Romana_&_Slobodan_83 Romana_&_Slobodan_84 Romana_&_Slobodan_85 Romana_&_Slobodan_86 Romana_&_Slobodan_87 Romana_&_Slobodan_88 Romana_&_Slobodan_1201 Romana_&_Slobodan_90 Romana_&_Slobodan_91 Romana_&_Slobodan_92 Romana_&_Slobodan_93 Romana_&_Slobodan_94 Romana_&_Slobodan_95 Romana_&_Slobodan_96 Romana_&_Slobodan_97 Romana_&_Slobodan_98 Romana_&_Slobodan_99 Romana_&_Slobodan_100 Romana_&_Slobodan_101 Romana_&_Slobodan_102 Romana_&_Slobodan_103 Romana_&_Slobodan_104 Romana_&_Slobodan_105 Romana_&_Slobodan_106 Romana_&_Slobodan_107 Romana_&_Slobodan_108 Romana_&_Slobodan_109 Romana_&_Slobodan_110 Romana_&_Slobodan_111

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  1. Yovanna says:

    Love it! Nice pictures!

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