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It’s the beauty of telling the stories that they can be interesting every time when someone else retells them. Also, it is the whole pleasure to hear it from the author itself. This time, this story was told at some cute and charming way so it let me no choice then to quote a groom. There it is.

“We kissed one night near Banja Luka’s beauty Vrbas. It was a wildly youthful gathering, on whom two friend groups met and befriend. Not that looks aren’t t flashed in the neighborhood, but that night the combination of alcohol and youth accidents our first kiss. I proposed her in celebration of her academic degrees, on the hearth of her ancestors in front of all dear people and decision was easy, but the implementation was a bit more difficult but at the end we crowned our love in September 12th, in front of your magical lens and to this day, and I hope and further, we’ll live happily and cheerfully like that magical day of our wedding.”

Tea and Vladan were neighbors for so long and now, after their beautiful wedding day, when we made interesting photos walking through Banja Luka, they live their lives together at the same place.

Tea_&_Vladan_01 Tea_&_Vladan_02 Tea_&_Vladan_03 Tea_&_Vladan_04 Tea_&_Vladan_05 Tea_&_Vladan_06 Tea_&_Vladan_07 Tea_&_Vladan_08 Tea_&_Vladan_09 Tea_&_Vladan_10 Tea_&_Vladan_12 Tea_&_Vladan_14 Tea_&_Vladan_15 Tea_&_Vladan_16 Tea_&_Vladan_17 Tea_&_Vladan_18 Tea_&_Vladan_19 Tea_&_Vladan_20 Tea_&_Vladan_21 Tea_&_Vladan_022 Tea_&_Vladan_23 Tea_&_Vladan_24 Tea_&_Vladan_25 Tea_&_Vladan_26 Tea_&_Vladan_27 Tea_&_Vladan_28 Tea_&_Vladan_29 Tea_&_Vladan_30 Tea_&_Vladan_31 Tea_&_Vladan_32 Tea_&_Vladan_33 Tea_&_Vladan_34 Tea_&_Vladan_35 Tea_&_Vladan_36 Tea_&_Vladan_37 Tea_&_Vladan_38 Tea_&_Vladan_39 Tea_&_Vladan_40 Tea_&_Vladan_41 Tea_&_Vladan_42 Tea_&_Vladan_43 Tea_&_Vladan_44 Tea_&_Vladan_45 Tea_&_Vladan_46 Tea_&_Vladan_47 Tea_&_Vladan_48 Tea_&_Vladan_49 Tea_&_Vladan_50 Tea_&_Vladan_51 Tea_&_Vladan_52 Tea_&_Vladan_53 Tea_&_Vladan_54 Tea_&_Vladan_55 Tea_&_Vladan_56 Tea_&_Vladan_57 Tea_&_Vladan_58 Tea_&_Vladan_59 Tea_&_Vladan_60 Tea_&_Vladan_61 Tea_&_Vladan_62 Tea_&_Vladan_63 Tea_&_Vladan_64 Tea_&_Vladan_65 Tea_&_Vladan_66 Tea_&_Vladan_67 Tea_&_Vladan_68 Tea_&_Vladan_69 Tea_&_Vladan_70 Tea_&_Vladan_71 Tea_&_Vladan_72 Tea_&_Vladan_73 Tea_&_Vladan_74 Tea_&_Vladan_75 Tea_&_Vladan_76 Tea_&_Vladan_76a Tea_&_Vladan_77 Tea_&_Vladan_78Tea_&_Vladan_1161 Tea_&_Vladan_1169 Tea_&_Vladan_1179 Tea_&_Vladan_79 Tea_&_Vladan_80 Tea_&_Vladan_81 Tea_&_Vladan_82Tea_&_Vladan_1199Tea_&_Vladan_83 Tea_&_Vladan_84 Tea_&_Vladan_85 Tea_&_Vladan_86 Tea_&_Vladan_87 Tea_&_Vladan_88 Tea_&_Vladan_89 Tea_&_Vladan_90 Tea_&_Vladan_91 Tea_&_Vladan_92 Tea_&_Vladan_93 Tea_&_Vladan_94 Tea_&_Vladan_95Tea_&_Vladan_1320Tea_&_Vladan_97 Tea_&_Vladan_98 Tea_&_Vladan_99 Tea_&_Vladan_100 Tea_&_Vladan_101 Tea_&_Vladan_102 Tea_&_Vladan_103 Tea_&_Vladan_104 Tea_&_Vladan_105 Tea_&_Vladan_106 Tea_&_Vladan_107 Tea_&_Vladan_108 Tea_&_Vladan_109 Tea_&_Vladan_110 Tea_&_Vladan_111 Tea_&_Vladan_112 Tea_&_Vladan_113 Tea_&_Vladan_114 Tea_&_Vladan_115 Tea_&_Vladan_116 Tea_&_Vladan_117 Tea_&_Vladan_118 Tea_&_Vladan_119 Tea_&_Vladan_120

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3 responses to “Tea & Vladan”

  1. sladja says:

    Rodom sam iz Banja Luke i drago mi je da vidim ovako lijepe fotografije iz mog grada!

  2. nice pictures and wedding photography, i love your work.

  3. Prelijepe slike! dobar stil!

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