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Hand in hand, while steps made the perfect rhythm and autumn breeze played the lovely whispering song, Vera and Dusko walked for the first time as husband and wife.

The proposal itself was also a long walk of photo memories where every special moment, place and a thing of their relationship talked about their eternal love. Then, with fresh memories in front of her eyes, Vera said her first yes!

Second one ‘yes’ was heard from both of them, on October 24th, 2015 when they finally stepped into the marriage.

A celebration was so beautiful that it almost looked like just one more happy walk with people they love.

Vera_&_Dusko_01 Vera_&_Dusko_02 Vera_&_Dusko_03 Vera_&_Dusko_04 Vera_&_Dusko_05 Vera_&_Dusko_06 Vera_&_Dusko_07 Vera_&_Dusko_08 Vera_&_Dusko_09 Vera_&_Dusko_10 Vera_&_Dusko_11 Vera_&_Dusko_13 Vera_&_Dusko_14 Vera_&_Dusko_16 Vera_&_Dusko_17 Vera_&_Dusko_18 Vera_&_Dusko_19 Vera_&_Dusko_21 Vera_&_Dusko_22 Vera_&_Dusko_23 Vera_&_Dusko_24 Vera_&_Dusko_25 Vera_&_Dusko_26 Vera_&_Dusko_27 Vera_&_Dusko_28 Vera_&_Dusko_29 Vera_&_Dusko_30 Vera_&_Dusko_31 Vera_&_Dusko_32 Vera_&_Dusko_33 Vera_&_Dusko_34Vera_&_Dusko_0235Vera_&_Dusko_0268Vera_&_Dusko_36 Vera_&_Dusko_37 Vera_&_Dusko_38 Vera_&_Dusko_39 Vera_&_Dusko_40 Vera_&_Dusko_41 Vera_&_Dusko_42 Vera_&_Dusko_43 Vera_&_Dusko_44 Vera_&_Dusko_45 Vera_&_Dusko_46 Vera_&_Dusko_47 Vera_&_Dusko_48 Vera_&_Dusko_49 Vera_&_Dusko_50 Vera_&_Dusko_51 Vera_&_Dusko_52 Vera_&_Dusko_53 Vera_&_Dusko_54 Vera_&_Dusko_55 Vera_&_Dusko_56 Vera_&_Dusko_57 Vera_&_Dusko_58 Vera_&_Dusko_59 Vera_&_Dusko_60 Vera_&_Dusko_61 Vera_&_Dusko_61a Vera_&_Dusko_62 Vera_&_Dusko_63 Vera_&_Dusko_64 Vera_&_Dusko_65 Vera_&_Dusko_66 Vera_&_Dusko_67 Vera_&_Dusko_68 Vera_&_Dusko_69 Vera_&_Dusko_70Vera_&_Dusko_1116 Vera_&_Dusko_71 Vera_&_Dusko_72 Vera_&_Dusko_73Vera_&_Dusko_1122 Vera_&_Dusko_74 Vera_&_Dusko_75 Vera_&_Dusko_76 Vera_&_Dusko_77 Vera_&_Dusko_78 Vera_&_Dusko_79 Vera_&_Dusko_80 Vera_&_Dusko_81 Vera_&_Dusko_82 Vera_&_Dusko_83 Vera_&_Dusko_84 Vera_&_Dusko_85 Vera_&_Dusko_86Vera_&_Dusko_87 Vera_&_Dusko_88 Vera_&_Dusko_89 Vera_&_Dusko_91 Vera_&_Dusko_92 Vera_&_Dusko_93 Vera_&_Dusko_95 Vera_&_Dusko_96 Vera_&_Dusko_97 Vera_&_Dusko_98 Vera_&_Dusko_99 Vera_&_Dusko_100 Vera_&_Dusko_101 Vera_&_Dusko_102 Vera_&_Dusko_103 Vera_&_Dusko_105 Vera_&_Dusko_106 Vera_&_Dusko_107

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